Meth contamination testing.

Meth testing in New Zealand

Protect Your Home, Rental or Commercial Property from Meth. Find out if your house is effected by Meth Contamination.

Meth contamination is a growing concern in New Zealand and early detection of meth is critical to reduce the consequences to public health and to minimise meth decontamination costs. Whether you own a home, are a tenant, a motel owner or a house buyer – we believe a meth test is essential to protect public health, your investment and your liability.

Why test for Meth Contamination?

Meth contamination/meth decontamination is a fast growing issue in New Zealand and meth labs are easily set up and easily transportable. Meth is an odourless drug so it is difficult to tell whether it has been smoked or manufactured in a property. Exposure to meth can cause serious and long-term health issues and meth contamination can pose a significant threat to the value of your assets. Early detection reduces the damaging effects meth has on public health and cost recovery.

A negative P testing in a home is important to set a benchmark for preventing drug use and to protect your personal liability as a tenant and landlord. If landlords rent out a property that is contaminated by meth, they are breaching their obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. Monetary compensation has been awarded to tenants living in a meth-contaminated property. The costs of P decontamination of a property can be passed onto a tenant if you have expert forensic meth reports that stand legal scrutiny at the Tenancy Tribunal or court.

Meth test contamination of your house
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