20 year old man in court over $176 million meth seizure

A 20 year old man has appeared in the Auckland District Court charged with attempting to smuggle over 200kg of methamphetamine into New Zealand. The drugs were disguised in tea-bags in 10 shipping containers traveling from China to Auckland. It is NZ Customs largest meth seizure. The estimated street value is $176 million.

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Ministry of Health Release New Guidelines for Methamphetamine Contamination Clean-Up

The Ministry of Health (MOH) have released key recommendations for the country's national standards for where methamphetamine contamination has taken place. The report recommends that current contamination levels that prompt a clean-up stays the same for houses where methamphetamine manufacture has taken place (0.5 µg/100cm2). In properties where the drug has only been used and [...]

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Second wave of ‘P’ hits New Zealand

New Zealand is facing a "second wave" of the dangerous methamphetamine problem as it becomes cheaper, purer and more readily available. Police Association president Greg O'Connor said despite several drug busts in recent months, evidence from front line officers suggests the country has a greater problem with the drug than ever before. "Methamphetamine is, in [...]

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