About Us – Meth Testing Expertise

Forensic Meth Services offers a professional solution for the detection and risk management of methamphetamine contamination in residential and commercial properties in New Zealand. Every job is managed by a qualified forensic scientist to ensure our clients receive accurate, trustworthy and independent results. Our advice and guidance through what is a stressful situation is one of our primary goals. Our team have extensive forensic training to ensure the highest standards are provided to our clients. We are completely independent with no association with cleaning / decontamination companies, there can be no question of conflict of interest as to the integrity of our sampling and reporting which is of the highest standards. We strictly adhere to Ministry of Health Guidelines and welcome new standards (NZS8510:2017) that have been released to tighten up regulations around meth testing and remediation work.

Forensic Meth Testing Services Laboratory New Zealand.

Forensic Meth Services Key Benefits

  • Trust a qualified forensic scientist

  • We are 100% independent to ensure integrity and client confidentiality

  • Affordable cost for total assurance

  • We use expert processes from sample collection through to interpretation of results, reporting and providing expert evidence for court

  • Samples analysed by an independent IANZ Accredited Laboratory

  • Comprehensive reporting and evidence in court if required

  • We currently cover Auckland, Hamilton, Northland and Hawkes Bay 
Alexandra Dalzell

Alexandra Dalzell

Director BSc, Hons in BioChemistry, MSc Forensic Science

Alex is the director for Forensic Meth Services and is a qualified forensic scientist with experience in crime scene, drug analysis, forensic chemistry and toxicology. Alex has worked in forensics in the U.K, U.S.A and New Zealand. She is a former director and part owner of a successful medical diagnostic company working closely with the Ministry of Health to service new born baby and pre-natal medical screening in New Zealand. As a home owner and rental property investor Alex understands the importance of ensuring a house is free from methamphetamine and the importance of keeping up with accurate and date stamped meth tests between tenancy agreements. Alex has a diverse set of skills that bring science, business and law together to offer the best expertise to her clients in a rapidly evolving and complex market.