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Why EVERY Property Purchase Should be Meth Tested

So, you’re looking at buying a house off of a lovely young family - surely there’s no need for a meth test? Unfortunately that’s not the case in my experience; through testing hundreds of properties, I’ve found meth contamination doesn’t discriminate and it’s always better to know what you’re dealing with rather than hoping for [...]

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4 Reasons Why DIY Meth Testing is a Bad Idea

Grabbing a test kit and wiping a swab on the wall sounds like the easiest way to tick the meth test box, doesn’t it? On face value DIY tests look like a simpler and cheaper alternative to hiring a qualified meth tester. But trying to do your own testing is false economy; here are four [...]

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Mongrel Mob members arrested in Hawkes Bay largest ever meth bust

Hawkes Bay police have made their largest ever methamphetamine bust after a six month long investigation. Thirteen people were arrested for high level drug offending including some being members of the Mongrel Mob. Items seized include 3 kilograms of methamphetamine with a street value of $2.5 million. Read the full story at the New Zealand [...]

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IAG Insurance pays out $14m a year for meth claims

New Zealand's largest insurer IAG says it pays out $14 million methamphetamine claims on residential properties per year. Claims range from 40 to 80 each month with the average claim cost at $20,000. IAG, who cover over half of New Zealand properties, advise landlords should test between tenancies. Read the full story here

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Serious Concern Over In-Experienced Meth Testing Companies

There are serious concerns over the lack of training and regulations with meth testing and clean-up companies and we couldn't agree more! Anyone can claim to be a meth tester despite having no training or expertise in this complex and growing sector. Despite new national standards due to be put in place next month, the [...]

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Major Meth Bust in Wellington

Six people have been arrested after undercover police operations gathered intelligence information that saw up to 20kg of methamphetamine being distributed over a 6 month period. That is a lot of drugs for just one distributor! Up to $1.8 million worth of assets were also seized including two properties, 13 vehicles, two boats and a [...]

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New standards for testing and decontamination of meth properties coming soon!

New standards are close to being released on how testing and decontamination of methamphetamine properties will be managed. The new standards aim to address the need for guidance on methodologies and procedures to bring a consistent and effective approach to managing the sampling and remediation of affected properties. Call us today to discuss how the [...]

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Seriously … $140K damage to Auckland property from meth!?!

A landlord say's he is estimating the cost to re mediate his Auckland home contaminated with methamphetamine is as high as $140K. So is this seriously the cost to fix the problem? Call us today for a free consultation to ensure unwarranted costs are minimized ..... 0800 005 460 Read the article here

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Housing NZ welcomes new recommendations from MoH for meth contamination

Housing New Zealand has welcomed the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) recommended guidelines for methamphetamine contamination. The organisation believes the MoH guidelines provide a clearer distinction between use and P lab contamination. "We believe the recommended guidelines will enable us to get homes back into the letting pool faster, as well as save costs around testing [...]

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20 year old man in court over $176 million meth seizure

A 20 year old man has appeared in the Auckland District Court charged with attempting to smuggle over 200kg of methamphetamine into New Zealand. The drugs were disguised in tea-bags in 10 shipping containers traveling from China to Auckland. It is NZ Customs largest meth seizure. The estimated street value is $176 million.

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