The Meth Testing Process

If you are planning on buying property, renting property or suspect a property is meth contaminated, we can provide the following testing and assessment:

The Meth test process and detection

1. Baseline Assessment

Multiple individual samples and on-site investigation is carried out to determine if meth is present or absent. Samples are collected by forensic trained staff and sent to IANZ accredited laboratory for testing. An evidential report is completed by a Forensic Scientist and sent to the client. The Baseline Assessment provides the client with a yes/no answer if meth is present and if it is then we will provide an accurate indication of the level of contamination. The Baseline Assessment is ideal for anyone purchasing a home, inter-tenancy checks and where meth contamination is suspected.

2. Detailed Meth Assessment

If meth contamination is detected from the Baseline Assessment (Step 1) then a comprehensive investigation is required. Further testing and sampling is performed through-out the property to determine what level of meth is present.  A comprehensive evidential report is completed by a Forensic Scientist and sent to the client. This report tells you the level of contamination throughout the property to determine the most suitable clean-up plan and health and safety risks.

3. Post-Remediation Assessment

Individual samples are taken and analysed to check that de-contamination of meth has been successful and the levels are below Ministry of Health guidelines.

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